FS #225: Vicky Cristina Barcelona / Heist Marathon Awards / Top 5 Canadian Films
Thursday, 28 August 2008 19:00

August 29: Matty couldn't complete his big post-production task -- writing the clever show description that goes here -- before jetting off to scenic Wyoming, a mythic land without computers or the Internet. And since he's the creative one... This week, please enjoy our review of Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," starring Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall and Javier Bardem. Plus, we hand out "The Stephies," our Classic Heist Marathon Awards, and look forward to next week's Toronto International Film Festival with a countdown of our Top 5 Canadian Films.

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, a Spout.com Telluride Film Festival Preview and new music by Touch and Go Records artists Calexico, The Uglysuit and The New Year.

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Listen to Filmspotting #225

Filmspotting #225
:24-15:11 - Review: "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
Music: Calexico
16:13-20:34 - Voicemail, Poll
20:35-31:42 - Feedback (Tropic Thunder, Man on Wire)
Music: The Uglysuit
32:05-35:06 - Telluride Preview
35:07-38:26 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Matt Rhodes)
38:27-47:31 - Heist Marathon Awards
Music: The New Year
48:26-54:21 - New DVDs, Donations, Contest
54:22-1:09:54 - Top 5: Canadian Films
1:09:55-1:13:18 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- Check out photos from the Chicago Meetup on Filmspotting's Facebook page! Thanks to Sandor Weisz for the great pics.

- It's Chris Messina not Doug from "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." Thanks to Thevoid99.

- Toronto Meetup information can be found here!

- Congrats to our buddy Matt Singer from IFC News!

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