FS #228: Miracle at St. Anna / The Lucky Ones / Neil Burger / Top 5 Spike Lee Scenes
Thursday, 25 September 2008 19:00

Sept. 26: This week's Filmspotting Joint is brimming with reviews of two new disparate war films. First up, Sgt. Kempenaar and PFC Ballgame dissect Spike Lee's latest skirmish in the war movie genre with "Miracle at St. Anna."

They then join Tim Robbins, Michael Pena and Rachel MacAdams for some R&R on their leave from the Iraq war in "The Lucky Ones." Plus, Adam sits down for a debriefing with "Lucky Ones" director Neil Burger... and the mission concludes with Filmspotting's Top 5 Spike Lee Scenes. Semper fi, son, semper fi.

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre and music by Posterboy.

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Filmspotting #228
:24-15:21 - Review: "Miracle at St. Anna"
Music: Posterboy
16:14-19:44 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: M. Fussell)
19:45-28:18 - Review: "The Lucky Ones"
Music: Posterboy
29:29-44:25 - Interview: Neil Burger
Music: Posterboy
45:26-52:22 - New DVDs, Donations
52:23-1:08:23 - Polls, Top 5: Spike Lee Scenes
1:08:24-1:11:06 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- Gosh I hope nobody bothers to correct pronunciations of "Guillermo" and "stoicism." Sometimes we talk too fast, you know?

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