Cinecast #20: Attack of the 9/11 Metaphor!
Saturday, 02 July 2005 01:00
No,  Dakota Fanning, it's not terorists -- it's Cinecast!

Steven Spielberg re-stages 9/11. This time with Martians. Is nothing sacred? Cinecast asks whether Spielberg's intermittently entertaining "War of the Worlds" crosses the line into exploitation, and ponders whether its real subtext isn't terrorism... but occupation. Adam enjoyed the explosions, special effects and all the summery goodness -- right up until Tim Robbins brought the story to a screeching halt; Sam had already tuned out by the time Robbins showed his creepy little head. Also on the show, Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and our Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies.

"After the Parade" and "God Said No" by Dan Bern courtesy of Messenger Records ... Cinecast theme music by Age of the Rifle.

Note: iTunes is still working out some kinks. For at least a little while longer it appears that both this show and Cinecast #19 will not automatically download if you have subcribed through iTunes. So, you can listen to the shows here or just wait until Apple figures everything out and download the latest shows all in one batch. Thanks again for your patience.

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Cinecast #20
:35-13:48 - Review: "War of the Worlds"
14:43-25:03 - Listener Feedback
26:25-39:17 - Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies
39:26-41:04 - Massacre Theatre

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