Cinecast #29: Pathetic Justice
Tuesday, 16 August 2005 01:00
I know,  Mark, this movie's beneath me too.

Four Brothers, the new urban revenge drama from director John Singleton, features a preposterous plot, two-dimensional characters, violence without consequence ... and guess what? Sam liked it anyway. Adam, however, considered it a "travesty." That's right folks, the first Cinecast fight since show #17! The only thing Adam and Sam did agree on, which somehow goes largely un-discussed during their debate -- Mark Wahlberg's brash, charismatic performance as the avenging quartet's ringleader.

Also on the show, Listener Feedback, a preview of Friday's Top 5 Revenge Movies, and Massacre Theatre presented by


Music by Anne McCue courtesy of Messenger Records ... Cinecast theme music by Age of the Rifle.

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Cinecast #29
:30-14:04 - Review: "Four Brothers"
Music - Anne McCue, "Milkman's Daughter"
14:59-25:18 - Listener Feedback, Overlooked DVD Picks
Music - Anne McCue, "Stupid"
26:42-29:17 - Massacre Theatre
29:18-33:19 - Top 5 Revenge Movies Preview

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