Cinecast #30: Revenge of the Top 5's
Friday, 19 August 2005 01:00
What's that,  Sam? You say in Cinecast #30 that you usually don't like my  performances?

Top 5 Revenge Movies? No problem. Or so we thought. As it turned out, one of the oldest narrative conventions proved to be one of the hardest Top 5's to assemble. Revenge on film, it seems, is often resolved with mindless bloodshed -- not always a recipe for cinematic greatness. But you didn't think we'd really leave off "Kill Bill," did you? Also on the show, the first (and last) "Judging A Book By Its Cover" segment, featuring our review of the first 15 minutes of "The Upside of Anger." Plus, our Overlooked DVD Picks of the Week.

Music by Wilder Embry. Visit him online at ... Cinecast theme music by Age of the Rifle.

Listen  to Cinecast #30

Cinecast #30
:24-3:49 - "Upside of Anger" Discussion
3:50-10:29 - Overlooked DVD Picks
Music: Wilder Embry, "Last Monday Night"
12:21-26:06 - Cinecast Confession, Top 5 Revenge Movies

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