Cinecast #38: Scent of a Fight Club
Friday, 16 September 2005 01:00
This  doesn't look like Middle Earth

"Scent of a Woman" meets "Fight Club" meets "Fever Pitch" (the original, of course) ... What happens when you treat the subject of soccer hooliganism with the same respect and affection that you show the game of soccer itself? You get a clumsy piece of braindead claptrap like "Green Street Hooligans." Some impressive acting from the native Brits, especially Charlie Hunnam as Green Street's badass leader, is the unfortunate victim of this doomed-from-the-premise endeavor. Recovering hobbit Elijah Wood doesn't fare so well as a Harvard-educated Yankee infiltrator.

*Production Note: For many of you who downloaded this show early on Friday, you may have noticed a 20 second pause in the setup to my #1 Foreign Film. You were supposed to hear a clip of Griffin Mill from "The Player" saying this line: "Great movie, huh? So refreshing to see something like this after all these... cop movies and, you know, things we do. Maybe we'll do a remake of this!" I apologize for the error and for wasting your time. Thanks. -Adam

Also on the show, our Overlooked DVD Picks of the Week and the Top 5 Foreign Language Films.

Music by Rainmarket ... Cinecast theme music by Age of the Rifle.

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Cinecast #38
:32-10:02 - Review: "Green Street Hooligans"
10:03-15:00 - Overlooked DVD Picks of the Week
Music: Rainmarket, "Hurricanes"
16:10-31:43 - Top 5 Foreign Language Films

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