Cinecast #47: Almost Great American Road Trip
Tuesday, 18 October 2005 01:00
Boy, it  sucks to be miscast. Hear all about it in Cinecast #47.

Elizabethtown: Never has the absence of John Cusack been felt more profoundly. Writer/director Cameron Crowe's newest film comes 20 years too late for perfect casting, but despite this -- and many other -- flaws, "Elizabethtown" never quite fails to succeed at being 'a Cameron Crowe film'. Heartfelt, honest, and filled with great music, Crowe may over-reach at times, but there's no denying his unique ability to capture the bittersweet rhythms of life.

Also on the show, Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre -- presented by Movies -- and a look ahead to Friday's Top 5 Soundtracks.

Music by Neko Case courtesy of Bloodshot Records ... Cinecast theme music by Age of the Rifle.

Listen  to Cinecast #47

Cinecast #47
:34-17:18 - Review: "Elizabethtown"
Music: Neko Case, "Thrice All American"
18:36-23:23 - Cinecast Notes/Corrections
23:24-29:24 - Listener Feedback (Wallace & Gromit, Child Protagonists)
Music: Neko Case, "We've Never Met"
30:28-32:57 - Massacre Theatre
32:58-39:30 - Top 5 Preview: Soundtracks

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