Cinecast #60: Body Shopgirl
Friday, 09 December 2005 01:00
Forget the  gloves, how much is that arm?

Shopgirl: If Adam had spent more time with his in-laws Thanksgiving weekend, Cinecast might not have bothered with a review of what Sam calls, "One of the biggest surprises of the year." Adam and Sam were finally able to catch up with director Anand Tucker's adaptation of the Steve Martin novella "Shopgirl". A detail-rich, modern day fairy tale that is refreshingly free of melodrama and sentimentality, "Shopgirl" was worth our attention.

Also on the show, Week 5 of our Horror Marathon -- a discussion of director Stuart Gordon's 1985 comic bloodbath "Re-Animator". And we reveal our Top 5 Death Scenes.

Music by The Pinetops courtesy of Bloodshot Records ... Cinecast theme music by Age of the Rifle.

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Cinecast #60
:36-14:45 - Review: "Shopgirl"
Music: The Pinetops, "Mt. St. Helens"
15:43-24:18 - Horror Marathon - Week 5: "Re-Animator"
24:19-27:30 - Listener Feedback (Date Scenes)
27:31-39:56 - Top 5 Death Scenes

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