Cinecast #63: Jackson's Monkey Trial
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Wednesday, 21 December 2005 01:00
Put your  hands on me, you damn dirty ape!

King Kong: The undisputed "big movie" of the holiday season, Peter Jackson's follow up to his Oscar-winning "Lord of the Rings" trilogy has Adam and Sam in a rare fighting mood. At three hours, and with three distinct chapters, King Kong has lots to like, and lots to dislike -- Adam and Sam just happen to disagree about what those things are. Is Kong a solid story with indulgent effects? Or a failed concept that nevertheless offers a fantastic spectacle? Also, some talk about previous incarnations of the great ape story, featuring lengthy digressions about Jessica Lange's you've-got-to-see-it-to-believe-it performance in the 1976 version.

Also on the show, some thoughts on the impending awards season, Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, and our Top 5 Villains Preview.

Music by George Prentice ... Cinecast theme music by Age of the Rifle.

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Cinecast #63
:34-18:32 - Review: "King Kong"
Music: George Prentice, "Overwhelmed"
20:45-22:03 - "King Kong" cont.
22:04-27:32 - Notes/Corrections/Golden Globes
27:33-37:37 - Listener Feedback (Syriana, So Bad They're Good)
Music: George Prentice, "How Much"
38:59-42:59 - Massacre Theatre
43:00-51:24 - Top 5 Villains Preview

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