Cinecast #65: Eye For An Eye
Thursday, 29 December 2005 01:00
Your first  target is Sam Hallgren, for criticizing my performance in Cinecast #65.

Munich: For the past couple of decades, Steven Spielberg has oscillated between history and fantasy -- "The Color Purple," "Empire of the Sun," "Schindler's List," "Saving Private Ryan" ... "ET," "Hook," "Jurassic Park," "Minority Report." In 2005, Spielberg released one of each: popcorn muncher "War of the Worlds" and now Munich. And both films have as much to say about the present as they do about the past and future. "War of the Worlds" resonates with post-9/11 dread while "Munich," an account of the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics hostage crisis, reflects on the on-going battle between Israel and Palestine. Adam was moved by "Munich," concluding that it could be Spielberg's "most graceful and least manipulative" film yet. Although Sam admired the filmmakers' thoughtful approach to the difficult subject matter, he didn't find the story nearly as compelling as Adam did.

Also on this super-sized, post-Christmas show, Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre, Week #2 of our Hitchcock Marathon: "Notorious," and our Top 5 Holiday Movies.

Music by Johnny Society courtesy of Messenger Records ... Cinecast theme music by Age of the Rifle.

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Cinecast #65
:47-19:06 - Review: "Munich"
Music: Johnny Society, "Don't Talk Me Down"
20:19-29:31 - Notes/Corrections/Clarifications
29:32-40:06 - Listener Feedback (King Kong, Top 5 Villains)
40:32-42:27 - Listener Voicemails
Music: Johnny Society, "Witch's Plea"
43:29-46:17 - Voicemails Response
46:18-49:04 - 'Villains' Feedback cont.
49:05-1:00:18 - Hitchcock Marathon: "Notorious"
Music: Johnny Society, "Coming To Get You"
1:01:06-1:03:51 - Massacre Theatre
1:03:52-1:20:19 - Top 5 Holiday Movies

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