FS #282: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans / The Messenger / Ben Foster-Oren Moverman Interview / Taste of Cherry / Top 5 Turkeys of 2009
Thursday, 19 November 2009 19:00

Nov. 20: It’s a potpourri of crazy this week on Filmspotting. First, Matty heads down to the French Quarter to grab some beignets at Café Du Monde and split a muffuletta with the venerable Werner Herzog and Nic Cage as he takes in the bizarre genius that is "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans." And while Matty is busy maxing out the Filmspotting credit card buying rounds of hurricanes for Florida State co-eds at Pat O’Brien’s, Adam sits down with his man-crush Ben Foster and writer/director Oren Moverman to discuss their new project, "The Messenger," a film chronicling the arduous duties of two Army casualty notification officers. Then the lads find time to discuss the third film in their Palme d’Or Marathon, 1997’s "Taste of Cherry" from Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, during which not even the illustrious Roger Ebert is spared Filmspotting wrath. Finally, in honor of America’s annual celebration of its continued subjugation of near-flightless fowl, Filmspotting holds its annual Thanksgiving Awards buffet and name its Top 5 Turkeys of 2009. Zack Snyder, I think there’s a seat available over there next to Optimus Prime.

Also on the show: Music by Thee American Revolution and Massacre Theatre -- presented by Pixar Talk. This week's winner will get the Pixar DVD of their choice.

Listen to Filmspotting #282
Filmspotting #282
:13-9:29 - Review: "Port of Call New Orleans"
9:30-17:14 - Review: "The Messenger"
Music: Thee American Revolution, "Electric Flame"
18:10-22:38 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: M. Lovgren)
22:39-46:11 - Foster/Moverman Interview
Music: Thee American Revolution, "Power House"
46:56-54:30 - Voicemail, Polls, Notes
54:31-1:05:30 - Cannes #3: "Taste of Cherry"
Music: Thee American Revolution, "Shoeshine Blues"
1:05:56-1:14:43 - New DVDs / Donations
1:14:44-1:31:56 - Top 5: Turkeys of 2009
1:31:57-1:34:36 - Close / Next Show / Outtake

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