FS #240: The Reader / Top 5 Lead Performances of 2008
Friday, 09 January 2009 01:00
Jan. 9: Oddly enough, the 2008 cinematic holiday season sported quite a festive National Socialism theme. Given the choice, Adam and Matty probably preferred spending time with Kate Winslet's sexy ex-Nazi Hanna Schmitz in "The Reader" more than they did Tom Cruise ("Valkyrie") and Daniel Craig ("Defiance"), but they still took issue with several aspects of director Stephen Daldry's latest effort. Miss Winslet's performance was good enough to land her ... wait, wait, oh no, Mean Gene, is that Randy the Ram's intro music? That can mean only one thing, it's time for Filmspotting's thespian royal rumble. Steve Prokopy from Ain't Cool News will join our in-house tag team duo to list theTop 5 Lead Performances of 2008.

Plus: Massacre Theatre, Listener Feedback, and music by Chuck Prophet from the album "Soap and Water."

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Listen to Filmspotting #240

Filmspotting #240
:24-10:54 - Review: "The Reader"
Music: Chuck Prophet, "Small-Town Girl"
11:46-15:14 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: S. Schwarz)
15:15-26:51 - Voicemail, Polls, Feedback
Music: Chuck Prophet, "Freckle"
28:47-47:40 - Top 5: Actors of 2008
Music: Chuck Prophet, "Let's Do Something Wrong"
48:34-58:36 - New DVDs, Donations
58:37-1:12:17 - Top 5: Actresses of 2008
1:12:18-1:15:13 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- Movie City News' Top 10 Scoreboard

- "Why 'Doubt' and 'Frost/Nixon' work better as plays"

- We didn't see "I've Loved You So Long" because Adam has managed to misplace the DVD screener we were sent. Yes, he feels bad about it.

- Matty's Top 25 (and Bottom 10) Movies of 2008

- Our guest Steve Prokopy gets a shout-out in this edition of Roger Ebert's "Movie Answer Man."
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