FS #244: Taken / The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner / Top 5 Abduction Movies
Friday, 06 February 2009 01:00
Feb 6: Now listen very carefully, Filmspotters. If you ever want to see Matty and Adam again, you will do exactly as we say. First, you will listen to their review of "Taken," the new film starring Liam Neeson as an uber-intense ex-CIA agent chasing down the men who kidnapped his daughter. Be sure to nod appreciatively at their pearls of wisdom. Next, listen as the lads break down the third entry in Filmspotting's Angry Young Man Marathon, "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner," directed by the legendary Tony Richardson and starring Tom Courtenay as a wayward English youth negotiating a life behind the walls of an English borstal. Once finished with that segment, you will find it in your best interest to continue listening as the show concludes with a joint list of the Top 5 Abduction Movies ever made.

Once completed, you will stop listening and surf your way on the interweb to eBay. While there you will bid and win the mint-in-box "Return of the Jedi" Ewok Adventure Playset from Kenner Toys that a young Matty Robinson was denied as a youth. Then you will drive to the Hardee's restaurant on the Indiana tollway just outside Gary, Indiana. You will then leave the playset and a six pack of Old Style beer outside the men's restroom, next to the Galaga machine. No questions asked and no cops!

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and music by Rachel Ries (iTunes 1-Click).

Listen to Filmspotting #244
Filmspotting #244
:13-12:25 - Review: "Taken"
Music: Rachel Ries, "When Will You Be Mine?"
13:27-16:20 - Corrections, Polls
16:21-24:48 - Feedback (Bashir, Hope and Change Movies)
Music: Rachel Ries, "Chicago"
25:57-30:23 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: Jake Bart)
30:24-42:52 - AYM #3: "...Long Distance Runner"
Music: Rachel Ries, "Learning Too Slow"
43:32-50:13 - New DVDs, Donations
50:14-1:01:30 - Top 5: Abduction Movies
1:01:31-1:04:27 - Close/Next Show/Earmuffs Outtake

- Stay strong, Christian Bale. Stay strong.
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