FS #247: Two Lovers / Oscars Recap / Billy Liar / Top 5 Love Triangles
Friday, 27 February 2009 01:00
Feb 27: Adam and Matty are no strangers to sordid love triangles -- who can forget Nanette Burstein, the Asian performance artist who almost single-handedly broke up Filmspotting? So the lads were covering familiar territory when they entered into director James Gray's latest "Two Lovers," a film that features a tangled tryst amongst stars Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw. The film touched some nerves for your two humble critics. Luckily, they patched things up in time to mutually gush over the fifth entry in the Filmspotting Angry Young Man Marathon, John Schlesinger's "Billy Liar," featuring the brilliant Tom Courtenay. And, in honor of "Two Lovers," Adam and Matty boil some rabbits while listing their Top 5 Love Triangles. "Frankly, my dear Adam, I don't give damn."

Also on the show: Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and music by Andrew Bird ... Download from iTunes here.

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Filmspotting #247
:35-13:36 - Review: "Two Lovers"
Music: Andrew Bird, "Oh No"
14:27-18:37 - Voicemail, Poll Questions
18:38-22:48 - Oscars Recap
22:49-29:41 - Feedback (Best Pic Nominees of Decade)
Music: Andrew Bird, "Fitz & Dizzyspells"
30:27-33:52 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: Jon Davies)
33:53-46:43 - AYM #5: "Billy Liar"
Music: Andrew Bird, "Effigy"
47:34-51:53 - New DVDs, Donations
51:54-1:05:05 - Top 5: Love Triangles
1:05:06-1:18:03 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- "A Kind of Loving" (1962) was John Schlesinger's debut narrative film, not "Billy Liar."

- Adam failed miserably at conveying his sarcasm when he said that he never watched "Ally McBeal." He freely admits he watched the show a fair amount.

- Can a moment actually be like something out of Truffaut AND "Fellini-esque" at the same time, Matty? Works for me.

- Matty doesn't actually think "Casablanca" director Michael Curtiz was a "hack" -- that was a reference to how Curtiz is commonly viewed by many critics.

- "Casablanca" will be added to the Top 5 Pantheon shortly.

- Thanks to our intern Lindsay for first suggesting the Love Triangle topic, as well as all the listeners who wrote in with the idea.

- Check out this Q&A with Filmspotting in the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine. Our thanks to Jessica Reaves and everyone at the Mag for including us in their "Chicago and the Movies" edition.

- Check out this Q&A with Adam on the Atomic Podcasts site.
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