FS #250: I Love You, Man / Brothers at War / The Great Buck Howard / Top 5 Buddy Movies
Friday, 20 March 2009 01:00
March 20: Hello? Oh, hey man, what are you up to? Listening to Filmspotting? That’s awesome, dude, I love their early stuff. What? Ha, I know it’s a podcast. I was just... I was just yanking your clavicles, man, just, you know, stroking your chains... uh... Do I listen to Filmspotting? Uh, dude, totes, totes and a half! I listen to them all the time, you know 24/7, my bro... my broseph... broseph of Arimathea. Do I want to listen to their podcast this week with a review of the new bromantic comedy "I Love You, Man" starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel? Does a monkey like tin-foil? Count me in!

I’m also really looking forward to their takes on two other films: "Brothers at War," the Iraq war documentary from Jake Rademacher, and "The Great Buck Howard" starring John Malkovich as the titular B-list celebrity. Man, I love Johnny Malkovich! "You sunovabeech, we play some CAHDS!" What? No that was my Malkovich impression, you know as Teddy KGB? No, no, he’s not a leprechaun. Nevermind, what’s the Filmspotting Top 5 for this week? Top 5 Buddy Movies!?! That’s awesome! You know, I hope they don’t overlook Connie and Carla. My fiancé and I were re-watching that the other night, right before Grey’s Anatomy, I really feel Toni Collette is in a league of her own, have you seen... Hello?

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre -- presented by In Review Online -- Listener Feedback and music by Golden Bear from their upcoming EP Everest.

Listen to Filmspotting #250
Filmspotting #250
:35-16:23 - Review: "I Love You, Man"
Music: Golden Bear, "Night Lights"
17:04-21:28 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: M. Young)
21:29-26:30 - Review: "Brothers at War"
26:31-32:20 - Review: "The Great Buck Howard"
Music: Golden Bear, "Miracle Mile"
33:10-37:30 - Voicemail, Poll Questions
37:31-51:17 - Feedback ("Watchmen")
Music: Golden Bear, "All The Stars"
52:21-56:42 - New DVDs, Donations
56:43-1:10:50 - Top 5: Buddy Movies
1:10:51-1:14:42 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- CORRECTIONS and Top 5 Honorable Mentions can be tracked on Filmspotting's Twitter page.

- Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting Podcast interview with "I Love You, Man" writer/director John Hamburg can be accessed through iTunes here.

- Apologies to "Twilight" fans for not mentioning its March 21st DVD release date.
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