FS #254: Observe and Report / Sin Nombre / Sunshine Cleaning / The Graduate / Top 5 Poverty Movies
Friday, 17 April 2009 01:00
April 17: To help you navigate the local multiplex this weekend, Filmspotting offers up a triptych of reviews. Starting in the food court, over by the Toast-A-Bun, we "Observe and Report" on the exploits of the vaguely-unhinged Ronnie Barnhardt, the mall cop at the center of Jody Hill’s new comedy starring Seth Rogen, Anna Farris, and Ray Liotta. Then the lads take a left at the Orange Julius and head south to track the perilous journey of five immigrants making their way through gang-infested Mexico toward the United States border in director Cary Fukunaga’s first feature film, "Sin Nombre." To round out Filmspotting’s cinematic expedition, Adam heads to the desert to join Emily Blunt and Amy Adams on cleaning detail in the quirky new independent film "Sunshine Cleaning." Of course, quirky and independent also means Alan Arkin and Steve Zahn are probably involved.

Finally, in honor of our floundering economy and serendipitously tying in with this week’s review of "Sin Nombre," Adam and Matty list their Top 5 Movies About Poverty. Because wherever there’s a podcast in need of two blowhard critics... Filmspotting will be there.

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre -- presented by In Review Online -- Listener Feedback and music by Linda Draper.

Listen to Filmspotting #254
Filmspotting #254
:13-11:15 - Review: "Observe and Report"
11:16-18:50 - Review: "Sin Nombre"
Music: Linda Draper, "Limbo"
19:50-23:21 - Review: "Sunshine Cleaning"
23:22-26:51 - Poll Questions
26:52-34:52 - Voicemail, Feedback (Bad Job Movies)
Music: Linda Draper, "Mother's Little Helper"
35:26-39:10 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: Adam Fox)
39:11-49:18 - New Hollywood #3: "The Graduate"
Music: Linda Draper, "Sharks and Royalty"
50:07-57:09 - New DVDs, Donations
57:19-1:08:24 - Top 5: Poverty Movies
1:08:25-1:10:54 - Close/Next Show/Outtake

- Follow more corrections and notes at http://twitter.com/filmspotting.

- For more on "Observe and Report," check out Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting Podcast, which can be accessed through iTunes here.

- Filmspotting doesn't weigh in on the "controversy" surrounding "Observe and Report" (not interested really). But it is being discussed in the Filmspotting Forum.

UPDATE: Saying we weren't really interested in the "Observe and Report" controversy was a little vague. What we weren't interested in is devoting who knows how much time to a debate about the legal definition of date rape and at what exact point an intoxicated person can or cannot consent to sex. It's a compelling topic, but perhaps for another show.

- Of course, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" is a pretty great looking movie too... with cinematography from Haskell Wexler.

- My apologies to the filmmakers of "Notorious." It is NOT the caboose on my list of 2009 movies... I forgot about "Gigantic."

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