FS #265: The Hurt Locker / An Unlikely Weapon / Top 5 Performances of 2009 (So Far)
Friday, 17 July 2009 01:00
July 17: Okay everyone, we need you to move back. Please! We need to establish a proper perimeter to deal with what we have here. We've identified the show in question as Filmspotting; we have yet to ascertain if it's programmed to explode. The trigger mechanism might be tied to its discussion of director Kathryn Bigelow's "The Hurt Locker" starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty as members of a U.S. Army OED (bomb squad) unit in Iraq. We're a little concerned about this blue wire, however, which might indicate a detonation timed to coincide with the appearance of Steve Prokopy (aka Capone) from Ain't It Cool News. He's scheduled to help Matty and Adam list their Top 5 Performances of the Year (So Far). Or, there might be a secondary IED buried deep within the show, possibly found in the discussion of "An Unlikely Weapon," a documentary exploring the story behind the famous "execution" photo taken by photographer Eddie Adams on the heels of the Vietnamese Tet Offensive in 1968. Fear not, we are trained professionals, as qualified in the art of bomb-defusing as Adam and Matty are in the art of film criticism. In other words, run!

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre -- presented by In Review Online -- a "Watchmen: The Film Companion" Giveaway courtesy of Titan Books, and music by Animal Collective.

Listen to Filmspotting #265
Filmspotting #265
:13-15:00 - Review: "The Hurt Locker"
Music: Animal Collective, "Guys Eyes"
15:58-24:28 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: P. Trap), Contests, Polls
24:29-31:25 - Review: "An Unlikely Weapon"
Music: Animal Collective, "My Girls"
32:31-41:27 - New DVDs/"Watchmen" Contest/Donations
41:53-1:01:07 Top 5 Male Performances So Far
Music: Animal Collective, "Brother Sport"
1:01:50-1:25:37 - Top 5 Female Performances So Far
1:25:38-1:27:21 - Close/Next Show

- Be warned, parents and children, of a vulgarity in Massacre Theatre!

- Follow more notes and corrections at http://twitter.com/filmspotting.

- While I'm sure Steve Prokopy is more than qualified for such an award, the Internet Film Critic of the Year, or whatever Matty said, is, in fact, made up.

- Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting Podcast can be accessed through iTunes here.

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