FS #269: District 9 / Top 5 John Hughes Characters
Friday, 14 August 2009 01:00
August 14: Do I just start talking? Do I look at you or at the camera? Oh, okay. Well, uh, my name is Jeroen Van Der Rohe, and I am the Chief Cultural Administer to the aliens currently living in District 9 here in Johannesburg. The aliens are unique creatures, to be sure. Odd tastes. Very different than humans. For one, they consider cat food a delicacy. They, uh, adore the work of Alan Thicke. And weirdly enough they really like this podcast featuring two jackanapes droning on about movies called Filmspotting. Can’t get enough of it. To human ears, Filmspotting sounds like a monkey grating a chalkboard with tinfoil, but the aliens love the guys' takes on new films like, obviously, "District 9" from first-time director Neill Blomkamp. We thought at first the podcast might be transmitting some kind of incendiary code to the aliens, but their segments featuring Listener Feedback, Massacre Theatre and Top 5 John Hughes Characters seemed innocuous enough. Painful to listen to but, uh, relatively harmless. Aliens. Go figure, right?

Massacre Theatre is presented by In Review Online. Music this week is from John Hughes' "Pretty in Pink."

Listen to Filmspotting #269
Filmspotting #269
:13-17:32 - Review: "District 9"
Music: Psychedelic Furs, "Pretty in Pink"
18:32-34:16 - Polls, Feedback (Food Movies)
Music: OMD, "If You Leave"
35:07-44:27 - New DVDs/Donations
44:28-49:33 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: M. Startsev)
49:34-1:09:50 - Top 5: John Hughes Characters
1:11:12-1:14:01 - Close/Next Show/Outtakes

- The Bunuel doc Adam has seen is "Land Without Bread."

- How to pronounce Bunuel.

- Travis is dead right that one of "Humpday's" real pleasures is the depiction of Ben and Anna's marriage.

- Molly Ringwald wrote a great tribute to John Hughes in the NY Times.

- Follow more notes and corrections at http://twitter.com/filmspotting.

- Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting Podcast can be accessed through iTunes here.

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