FS #274: The Informant! / Top 5 2009 Toronto Film Fest Movies
Friday, 18 September 2009 01:00
Sept. 18: LIVE from a makeshift dais outside the original Maple Leaf Gardens

Q: Ballgame, you’re coming off a tough road trip to the Toronto International Film Fest -- over 30 films in four days -- how do you think team Filmspotting held up?

A: Well, obviously we’re tired, but I’m proud of the guys. You know, dealing with the time change, the gravy on the French fries, the sometimes smothering congeniality of Canadians... it was a challenge. But I think people will be pleased when we lay out our Top 5 Toronto Film Fest Movies.

Q: What about other reviewers like Phillips and Ebert, who are likely seeing hundreds of films over two weeks?

A: Look, we can’t focus on what other reviewers or other podcasts are doing. We just have to take it segment by segment, discussion by discussion, film by film, and bring a solid 90 minutes of criticism to the show. Look what Kempy brought to the table during our review of "The Informant!" I mean, here’s a guy that loves director Steven Soderbergh, and this film starring Matt Damon as a notorious corporate whistleblower is generally eliciting a lot of love from the critics -- it would have been easy for Adam to phone this one in. But, no, he stepped it up. He brought his ‘A’ game and BAM, what do you get? Point-by-point, generally articulate dissection of an overall pretty middling film. That’s Kempy being Kempy and why he gets paid the big bucks. And by big bucks I mean he gets paid in hugs and beer.

Q: What about some of the feedback you’ve been getting from the fans?

A: Look, we love our fans, we wouldn’t be here without them and we’ve got a great batch of Listener Feedback on this week’s show, as well another cringe-worthy rendition of Massacre Theatre and music by Heroes of Popular Wars. Overall, we think it’s a great show. Are we satisfied? No, we can never be satisfied; we’re not a .500 podcast; to compete with the big guys, we’ve got to step it up, but as long that microphone is on, we’ll keep bringing the heat.

Massacre Theatre is presented by Pixar Talk. This week's winner will get the Pixar DVD of their choice.

Listen to Filmspotting #274
Filmspotting #274
:13-18:49 - Review: "The Informant!"
Music: HOPW, "A Bus Called Further"
19:22-24:45 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: E. Munn)
24:45-42:49 - Polls, Notes, Feedback
Music: HOPW, "It's A Doozy"
43:57-55:15 - New DVDs/Donations
55:16-1:17:39 - Top 5: TIFF '09 Recap
1:17:40-1:19:58 - Polls, Next Show


- Filmspotting's David Mamet/Anne Frank scene on YouTube

- Information on Facets Fright School. Full lineup should be posted soon.

- Information about "The Art of the Steal," since we didn't really explain.

- Get 10% off retro movie inspired t-shirts at Wake Up... Time To Die by using the discount code FSPOT10.

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