FS #276: A Serious Man / Michael Stuhlbarg Interview / Top 5 Chicago Film Fest Preview
Friday, 09 October 2009 01:00
Oct. 9:

Dean Wermer
Adam, Matty, thank you so much for coming in today. As you both are well aware, the tenure committee is in its final stages of making its decision on whether or not to grant the both of you tenure here at Grinyon Online University. Unfortunately we’ve read your submitted examples of publication.

Well, they were really first drafts...

Dean Wermer
Oh, you mean to tell me, Mr. Robinson, that your essay entitled “What The Movies Is” in which you wrote the word “stakes” over and over for 25 pages is not the final copy?

Well, I haven’t settled on a font yet...

Dean Wermer
And you, Mr. Kempenaar, while we appreciated the work that went into the composition of your 1,012 page article titled “Steven Soderbergh: Deity or Super God?”, we find it a little hard to believe that Mr. Soderbergh’s use of the RedOne camera is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, and if the UN were to anoint Mr. Soderbergh as Director of the World as you propose, we doubt it would single-handedly reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Well, if you look at the algorithm I laid out in appendix B...

Dean Wermer
AND we’re horribly confused why you chose to submit this macaroni portrait of Faye Dunaway. Was this done by your son?

Um... Yes? That’s probably the best answer, right?

Dean Wermer
Luckily for you gentlemen, we were a little bit more impressed by your electronic submissions. Particularly we enjoyed your discussion of the latest Coen Brothers film, "A Serious Man." And, Mr. Robinson, we felt you didn’t altogether embarrass yourself during your interview with the film’s star, Michael Stuhlbarg. We also appreciated your run-down of the films you’re most looking forward to seeing at the Chicago International Film Festival. (Sigh) I almost hate to ask this. Do you have anything further to add that might assist the committee in rendering its decision?

I just want to say that I think there's been a miscarriage of, uh, proportions... I want Ron Kuby or Ron Meshbesher. Uh, just, just get me a Ron.

I suppose it wouldn’t tip the scales any if I presented the committee with my homemade macramé potholders featuring Alain Delon?

Get out.

Also on the show: Music by The Ams and Massacre Theatre -- presented by Pixar Talk. This week's winner will get the Pixar DVD of their choice.

Listen to Filmspotting #276
Filmspotting #276
:13-17:01 - Review: "A Serious Man"
Music: The Ams, "Godspeed Your Safe Return"
17:57-22:22 - After Hours Winners
22:23-25:58 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Alex Kies)
25:59-43:34 - Interview: Michael Stuhlbarg
Music: The Ams, "Saturday Afternoon"
44:11-53:17 - New DVDs/Donations
53:18-1:13:10 - Top 5: CIFF Preview
1:13:11-1:17:18 - Next Show, Outtake


- We said "A Serious Man" is opening wide. It is not. Top 10 markets this weekend; Top 25 next weekend (or so the plan is currently).

- Links to support victims of the massive storm in Manilla are here and here.

- Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting Podcast can be accessed through iTunes here.

- Follow more notes and corrections at http://twitter.com/filmspotting.

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