FS #283: The Road / Dancer in the Dark / Top 5 DVDs of 2009
Friday, 04 December 2009 01:00
Dec. 4: This week on Filmspotting, Adam and Matty try to avoid roving bands of cannibals as they travel down director John Hillcoat’s well-worn, post-apocalyptic "The Road," starring Viggo Mortensen as the father of the millennia -- a man determined to keep his young son off an unwashed Garret Dillahunt’s barbecue at any and all costs. Then, the Filmspotting Cannes Palme d’Or Marathon trips the light fantastic with Bjork in Lars Von Trier’s "Dancer in the Dark," an uplifting musical about a young woman with a degenerative eye condition that will soon leave her blind and caught up in a terrible crime that may result in the loss of her life. Yeah, basically a modern retelling of a "The King and I." To close out the show, the lads welcome in the great Mike Spring from DVD Snapshot to help them list their Top 5 DVDs of 2009 (or as it’s better known around Filmspotting studios, The List that Got Matty Kicked Out of Macy’s Santa Wonderland).

Also on the show: Music by Colin Hay and Massacre Theatre -- presented by Pixar Talk. This week's winner will get the Pixar DVD of their choice.

Listen to Filmspotting #283
Filmspotting #283
:13-17:47 - Review: "The Road"
Music: Colin Hay, "I Can't Get Up Out of This Bed"
18:46-24:20 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: M. Foote)
24:21-28:53 - Notes / Polls
28:54-43:26 - Cannes #4: "Dancer in the Dark"
Music: Colin Hay, "Oh California"
44:13-55:18 - New DVDs / Donations
55:19-1:17:09 - Top 5: DVDs of 2009
1:17:10-1:19:54 - Close / Next Show / Outtakes


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- Matty should have referred to Selma's native country in "Dancer in the Dark" as Czechoslovakia. The country didn't split until 1993.

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