FS #288: The White Ribbon / The Book of Eli / 2009 Top 5 Blowout
Friday, 22 January 2010 01:00
Jan. 22: File under the 'When the cat's away' department. This week Adam is out-of-town kicking off his mandatory two year world-wide Filmspotting mission... or attending Robert Redford's annual Parker Posey film festival in Wyoming. Something like that. Either way, Matty is left behind to throw the show together himself. So, for an opening, instead of a single review, DJ Matty B mixed together reviews of two new movies -- "The White Ribbon" and "The Book of Eli" -- and looped in some killer Rihanna and Herzog vocals to craft an up-tempo house dance track... which is followed by ten minutes of dead air and intermittent invective as Matty didn't realize he had not paused the recording while watching the end of the Lakers-Cavs game. Filmspotting would like to make preemptive apologies to the family of Pau Gasol, who we are sure is a wonderful person who in no way entertains illicit relations with other members of his family or other species. In place of some great Listener Feedback, Matty offers up a selection of some of his favorite YouTube clips, which would work great if there were any type of video component to the show. And, proving once again that all cycles are cyclical, Matty complements the show's 2009 Top 5 Blowout with a copy of his recitation of "The Miller's Tale" in perfect Middle English, which I think we can all agree is the oddest audition tape "The McLaughlin Group" has ever received.

Also on the show: Music by Animal Collective and Massacre Theatre -- presented by Pixar Talk. This week's winner will get the Pixar DVD of their choice.

Listen to Filmspotting #288
Filmspotting #288
:13-11:14 - Review: "The White Ribbon"
11:15-21:24 - Review: "The Book of Eli"
Music: Animal Collective, "Doggy"
22:11-26:52 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: S. Aparicio)
26:53-33:13 - Voicemail, Polls, Notes
33:14-43:09 - Listener Feedback
Music: Animal Collective, "Also Frightened"
43:57-52:37 - New DVDs / Donations
52:38-1:13:19 - 2009 Top 5 Blowout
1:13:20-1:16:09 - Close / Next Show / Outtake


- If your version of this podcast doesn't have the same audio quality as normal, that's because we were adjusting some settings. Hopefully everything is back to normal, but earlier downloaded versions of this show may sound a little less crisp.

- Filmspotting's Top 25 Films of 2009

- Learn more about "William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe", which is playing now at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

- Get a chance to win "The Boys are Back" on DVD.

- Sundance/Filmspotting Meetup details.

- Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting Podcast can be accessed through iTunes here.

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