FS Revisited: American Teen / Sin City / FS Univ.
Friday, 16 April 2010 01:00
April 16: Who doesn't love a little confrontation from time to time? As Adam and Matty take some time "off" to prepare for show #300, Filmspotting revisits some of its favorite movie battles - "American Teen" (August 2008) and "Sin City" (April 2005), the first Filmspotting fight ever. Plus, go back to school with the guys for August 2006's Filmspotting University - Adam, former host Sam Van Hallgren and "Brick" writer/director Rian Johnson deliver their top 5 essential film school movies.

Also on the show: Music from Burywood.


April 23: "Kick-Ass," After Hours
April 30: #300, Top 20 Films of the Decade

Listen to Filmspotting #298
Filmspotting Revisited
:13-15:55 - Review: "American Teen"
Music: Burywood, "Denton Desert Island"
17:14-34:06 - Review: "Sin City"
Music: Burywood, "The Storm (Applause)"
35:00-56:02 - Filmspotting University
56:03-58:57 - Close / Next Show


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