FS #306: Toy Story 3 / John C. Reilly / Top 5 Escape Movies
Friday, 18 June 2010 06:15

Toy Story 3

June 18: Adam’s got a Matty. Buzz has a Woody. Pixar trots out its intrepid team of toys for one more great escape with this week’s hot summer release of "Toy Story 3." Will Msrs. Lightyear and Sheriff recapture the magic that has endeared them to so many (including our in-house Waldorf and Statlers)? Or will the luster finally dull on the polyurethane and could the franchise possibly be down-graded from Mint to Near-Mint condition? Also on this week’s episode, John C. Reilly, star of the new film "Cyrus," drops in for a quick chat with Adam; the two delve into the finer points of improvisational acting, 1980’s national politics, and, uh, "Die Hard?" Finally, Matty teams up with James Garner while Adam hops on the back of Steve McQueen’s motorcycle to deliver Filmspotting’s Top 5 Escape Movies. On a side note, if anyone might have come across a 1984 Battle Armor Skeletor complete with “MRL” written in Sharpie on its side and borzoi puppy chew marks on the right foot, last seen at the Charles Lindbergh terminal of the MSP airport, Gate A4... if you could please just pop it in the mail addressed to the Filmspotting P.O. Box … seriously, no questions asked.

Also on the show: Massacre Theatre -- presented by Running Hope Through America -- and music from Local Natives.

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Filmspotting #306
- Review: "Toy Story 3"
Music: Local Natives, "Wide Eyes"
- Massacre Theatre (Winner: Steven Baker)
- Poll Questions / Notes
- Interview: John C. Reilly
Music: Local Natives, "Camera Talk"
45:56-55:19 - DVDs / Donations
- Top 5: Escape Movies
- Close / Outtakes


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