FS #307: Eclipse / Winter's Bone / Top 5 Vampire Movies
Friday, 09 July 2010 09:59


July 9: This week's Filmspotting is comprised solely of a shirtless, lupine Matty and guest host, the gorgeous, sparkly Steve Prokopy (Capone, Ain't It Cool News) taking turns screaming 'Belllllllla' into the microphone. Yes, that's right, it's Twilight time here on Filmspotting with a discussion of the latest from the saga, "Eclipse." Then the boys will travel from the gloomy, sunless Pacific Northwest to the even more destitute and harrowing climes of the rural Ozarks for a discussion of the critically acclaimed thriller "Winter's Bone." Also, tying in with "Twilight's" display of the lusty young undead, Steve and Matty relate their Top 5 Vampire Films. All this and "Predators'" Louis Ozawa Changchien joins the Filmspotting Acting Troupe for a special rendition of Massacre Theatre.

Also on the show: Music from Surfer Blood.

Listen to Filmspotting #307

Filmspotting #307
:13-11:12 – Review: "Twilight Saga: Eclipse"
Music: Surfer Blood
12:53-21:55 – Massacre Theatre / Interview w/ Louis Ozawa Changchien - (Winner: Ben Bronsink)
21:56-27:32 – Review: "Winter’s Bone"
Music: Surfer Blood
28:17-34:10 – New DVDs / Donations / Ken Kempenaar
34:13-51:37 – Top 5: Vampire Movies
51:38-55:22 – Close / Next Show


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