FS #309: Kids Are All Right / Top 5 Films of 2010 (So Far)
Friday, 23 July 2010 16:30


July 23: It’s a cinematic Battle Royale this week as Matty “Beefcake” Ballgame and Adam “The Crying Dutchman” Kempenaar get between the Filmspotting arena ropes to offer up dueling lists of the Top 5 Films of 2010 (So Far). But wait? Is that … no … it can’t be? That’s the AV Club’s Scott Tobias’s music! And there he is! And he’s making his way to the ring to bludgeon our in-house tag-team with his own superior best of the year picks. Oh, this could get crazy folks! Almost as exciting as Matty and Adam’s takes on director Lisa Cholodenko’s "The Kids Are All Right," the new comedy starring Julianne Moore, Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo. Oh no, Tobias has taken out both gladiators, but here comes Armond “The Assailer” White, and he’s got a metal chair! Look out Scott! Oh, the humanity. Will film criticism ever survive?

Massacre Theatre is presented by the Dangerous: Memories podcast.
Filmspotting's Top 5 is presented by 26 Screenplays.
Music by The Hoof and the Heel.

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Filmspotting #309
- Review: "The Kids Are All Right"
Music: The Hoof and the Heel, "And All the Tigers"
19:37-24:36 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Dan Burns)
- Poll Questions
- Top 5 Films of 2010: #5-4
- Disappointments of 2010
Music: The Hoof and the Heel, "Fireworks"
47:34-1:03:31 - DVDs / Contest Winners / Donations
- Top 5 Films of 2010: #3-1
- Close / Outtakes


- Read the winning entries in Matty's 'Song in a Movie Moment' contest.

- For the second time Adam referred to the Jay and Mark Duplass movie Baghead as Bedhead, which is the name of a Robert Rodriguez short.

- In case you missed the multiple Armond White references.

- Check out Jeff Goldsmith's Creative Screenwriting podcast, which can be accessed through iTunes here.

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