FS #313: Get Low / Top 5 Robert Duvall Performances
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Friday, 20 August 2010 14:25


Hey sports fans! As you know, Filmspotting comes to the microphones to praise films, NOT to bury them, and usually when the film in question involves Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek and the legendary Robert Duvall, the lads find it easy to wax effusive. In this week's film "Get Low," Duvall's character, Felix Bush, invites everyone to attend his 'funeral party' and share a story about him. Oddly, in contrast to their peers at Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, your in-house elegiacal duo were left struggling for something nice to say. Luckily, the lads were able to fete Mr. Duvall properly later in the show by counting down their Top 5 Robert Duvall Performances. The guys also work in a fresh, glistening batch of Listener Feedback before Adam spends the rest of the podcast trying to convince a newly 26 year-old Matty that, no, one does NOT register for gifts for their birthday and that no matter how well-worded Matty's letter to Target may be, it probably would fall on deaf ears.

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Filmspotting #313
- Review: "Get Low"
Music: Sarah Jaffe, "Vulnerable"
20:23-24:59 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: Brian Richoux)
25:00-27:11 - Polls
27:12-39:44 - Listener Feedback
Music: Sarah Jaffe, "Clementine"
40:43-49:20 - DVDs / Donations
49:21-1:12:07 - Top 5: Duvall Performances
1:12:08-1:15:49 - Close / Outtakes

- "Hud" was based on Larry McMurtry's novel "Horseman, Pass By."

- Patricia Neal -- NOT Patricia O'Neal -- won the Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar for "Hud." Our apologies to the late Ms. Neal.

- Porco "ROH-so" not "RAH-so" is probably correct, huh? Thoughts on "consigliere"? Don't skip the outtake.

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