FS #315: The Tillman Story / Fall Movie Preview
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Saturday, 04 September 2010 11:25

The Tillman Story

Filmspotting dissects two atypical "war" movies this week: Amir Bar-Lev's new documentary "The Tillman Story," which deconstructs the narrative put forth by the U.S. military in the wake of the friendly-fire death of former NFL star-turned-Army Ranger Pat Tillman... and... the Powell-Pressburger Marathon begins with 1943's "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp." Adam and Matty also don their hoodies to share their Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall Movies.

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Filmspotting #315
- :34-24:23
- Review: "The Tillman Story"
Music: Title Tracks, "Every Little Bit Hurts"
- 25:15-27:44 - Audible Recommendation
- 27:45-31:37 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: B. Merriman)
- 31:38-38:37 - Notes / Polls
- 38:38-53:45 - Archers #1: "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp"
Music: Title Tracks, "Tougher Than The Rest"
- 54:57-1:04:41 - DVDs / Donations
- 1:04:42-1:20:48 - Top 5: Fall Movie Preview
- 1:20:49-1:23:58 - Close / Outtakes


- Matty's take on "The Other Guys"'; Adam shares an Overlooked DVD Pick.


- Featured Artist: Title Tracks

- Title Tracks - iTunes


- We have it on good authority that the term "Kiwi" is not offensive. Adam dodged a bullet.

- "Metropolis" at Milwaukee Film Fest


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