FS #326: 127 Hours / Top 5 Manic Pixie Girls / N. Rabin
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Friday, 19 November 2010 11:00

127 Hours

Two hosts enter the canyon... but how many come out with all of their limbs intact? Adam and Matty discuss Danny Boyle's "127 Hours," based on the true story of climber/thrillseeker Aron Ralston. Plus, the AV Club's Nathan Rabin stops by to talk about his new book "My Year Of Flops" and help reveal the Top 5 Manic Pixie Dream Girls -- a phrase Rabin coined when he originally reviewed Cameron Crowe's "Elizabehtown." Oh, Zooey... how could we forsake you?

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Filmspotting #326
- :00-19:21 - Intro/Review: "127 Hours"
Elizabethtown - Pinback,"Loro"
- 20:42-25:37
- Massacre Theatre (Winner: Jeff Nohl)
- 25:38-46:59 - Interview: Nathan Rabin
Music: Elizabethtown - Ryan Adams "English Girls, Approximately"
- 48:23-58:22 - DVDs, Notes, Thank You's
- 58:36-1:22:01 - Top 5: Manic Pixie Dream Girls
- 1:22:01-1:24:40 - Close / Outtakes


- Rabin on "Ishtar" and "Heaven's Gate"


- Featured Artist: Elizabethtown Soundtrack


- Buy "My Year Of Flops"

- "Year of Flops" Final Tally

- 16 films feat. Manic Pixie Dream Girls

- Filmspotting Pantheon Reminder: Annie Hall, The Apartment and Eternal Sunshine

- Nintendo World Report Live Event

- Support Child's Play Charity

- Latest word is that the Filmspotting Android App will be live and available for purchase within the next 5-10 days.


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