After Hours #12 (Part 2): Feedback / "Dudewood"
Friday, 27 November 2009 01:00
November 28: In Part 2 of the latest Filmspotting After Hours, Adam and Matty make their way through another batch of glorious Listener Feedback, including responses to their Top 5 Nostalgia Movies, Bad Day Movies and Bad Screen Parents. Plus, long-lost Filmspotting co-host Sam Van Hallgren checks in via phone to help the guys perform a listener-scripted scene from "Dudewood" ... and the latest batch of Filmspotting winners! Thanks to everyone who donated to the show. Winners were selected from episodes #276-282. Warning: This episode contains some profanity starting around the 40 minute mark.

Programming Note: The Filmspotting 'Best of' edition guest hosted by Slashfilmcast's David Chen is being held for a later date. Look for it to be published around Christmas.

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- Read Greg Kot's article about the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and their accident.

- Re: "Clash of the Titans": Olivier was indeed in the film as Zeus... it was Harryhausen's last work on a feature film... and it's apparently being remade starring Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson as Zeus.

- You can read Steven Soderbergh's quote about "Cannonball Run" here.

- Thanks to our partners and former partners:, Creative Screenwriting and InReviewOnline.

- Thanks, as always, to Candace, Lindsay and Golden Joe DeCeault... and to listeners Greg Burland and Kevin Vazquez for their work previewing this show and many others to make sure everything sounds good and the show notes are up to snuff.


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