After Hours #3: Brief Encounter
Monday, 22 September 2008 19:00
Sept. 23: Finally, after a hectic two months of festivals, weddings, and broken promises, the boys found time to sit down and record a long-awaited After Hours podcast. In addition to wading through your feedback on "good" films suitable for teenage audiences, After Hours also brings you the Neill Cameron Listeners Choice review of "Brief Encounter," the classic unrequited love story from director David Lean and screenwriter Noel Coward. Plus, as an added bonus, After Hours brings you a bootleg recording of a Q&A session with Adam and Matty recorded at the recent Chicago Filmspotting Meetup (rumor is the boys finish their set with a 27-minute cover of Baba O'Reilly). Good times.

Thanks again to all of our donors for your tremendous support. Winners on this show were chosen from episodes #221-#226.

Listen to Filmspotting #227: After Hours

- Roger Ebert's list of great 'teen movies' can be found here.

- Thanks to Joe DeCeault for engineering the Chicago Filmspotting Meetup audio... He's also, of course, the Joe mentioned during the response to the question about the show's transition to Chicago Public Radio.

- Great 'Massacre Theatre' version of "Brief Encounter" from "The History Boys."


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