FS #341: Jane Eyre / Taxi Driver / Top 5 De Niro Scenes
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Friday, 01 April 2011 10:25

Taxi Driver-Jane Eyre

Special guest Dana Stevens from Slate.com and the Slate Culture Gabfest joins Adam to discuss the new "Jane Eyre" and the 35th Anniversary release of "Taxi Driver." Plus, our Top 5 Robert De Niro Scenes. Yes, we're talking to you. No, that scene didn't make the cut. Sorry.

Sincere apologies to Mike Spring from DVD Snapshot! We recorded a fun new DVDs segment that had to be left on the cutting room floor due to an audio mix-up on our end. You can listen to the segment with my inferior sound here though -- New DVDs Audio -- and check out his top 5 DVD releases of the week below.

Filmspotting #341

Filmspotting #341
- :00-19:23 - Review: "Jane Eyre"
Music: The Moore Brothers, "Fascinations"
- 20:53-30:34 - Massacre Theatre / Polls
- 30:35-50:50 - "Taxi Driver" 35th Anniversary
Music: The Moore Brothers, "New For You"
- 52:19-1:17:33 - Top 5: De Niro Scenes
- 1:17:34-1:20:18 - Close


- More "Taxi Driver" talk and Dana's Elizabeth Taylor primer


- Featured Artist: The Moore Brothers


- Slate Culture Gabfest

- Elizabeth Taylor, RIP - By Dana Stevens

- Listening to "Taxi Driver" - By Dana Stevens

- "Taxi Driver" recut trailer

- Top 5 De Niro Scenes

- Massacre Theatre winner: Jonathan Wang

- Top 5 DVD Releases of the Week: Arabesque, I Love You Phillip Morris, Taxi Driver, AI: Artifical Intelligence and TRON/TRON: Legacy

- Baz Luhrmann is remaking "The Great Gatsby"


- The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith- iTunes

- Mike Spring/DVD Snapshot


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