FS #350: Super 8 / X-Men:First Class / Top 5 Monster Movies
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Friday, 10 June 2011 19:00


It's 'hipster nostalgia porn' week on Filmspotting as Adam and guest Matt Singer discuss J.J. Abram's ode on a Spielberg urn, "Super 8." Then, Matty joins Adam for a Magneto-Professor X-level showdown on the merits of "X-Men: First Class" and a countdown of the Top 5 Monster Movies.

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Filmspotting #350
- :00-23:58 - Review: "Super 8"
Music: Julius C, "Don't Want Anybody"
- 24:55-30:50 - Massacre Theatre / Polls
- 30:51-49:03 - Review: "X-Men: First Class"
Music: Julius C, "OK, OK"
- 49:58-1:04:37 - DVDs / Donations
- 1:04:59-1:23:48 - Top 5: Monster Movies
- 1:27:15-1:31:46 - Close / Outtake


- Paris Movies Feedback


- Featured Artist: Julius C


- If my senior year of Latin is correct, there's no such thing as "simulacrums" but "simulacra", right?

- Matty actually first used the 'hipster nostalgia porn' phrase in 2009 not 2008, in conjunction with the movie "Where the Wild Things Are." Surely it had to have appeared somewhere in the zeitgeist prior though.


- Matt Singer/IFC.com

- Incidentally, I'm with Matt that the 'best' scene in "Super 8" is Elle Fanning's 'Audition' scene... My example is just a good one for why the movie really works for me.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Jennifer Ozawa

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- Top 5: Monster Movies




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- DVD Snapshot


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