FS #368: Top 5 Losing My Mind Movies / Take Shelter / Weekend
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Friday, 14 October 2011 12:00

Take Shelter

Your head will collapse / But there's nothing in it / And you'll ask yourself... What did Adam and guest host Dana Stevens make of "Take Shelter," the new film by writer/director Jeff Nichols starring Michael Shannon? Were they seduced by the wonders of "Weekend," Andrew Haigh's drama about two gay men who meet and fall in love over a drug and sex-filled 48 hours? Finally, what are their Top 5 Losing My Mind Movies? ... Try this show and spin it, yeah.

Filmspotting #368

Filmspotting #368
:00-17:55 - Review: "Take Shelter"
Music: The Pixies, "Where is My Mind"
18:52-22:34 - Donations
22:35-33:15 - Massacre Theatre / Notes / Polls
33:16-43:34 - Review: "Weekend"
Music: Bobby Bare Jr., "Where is My Mind"
44:42-1:04:57 - Top 5: Losing My Mind Movies
1:04:58-1:06:50 - Close



- Wrestling with the end of "Take Shelter"


- The Pixies

- Bobby Bare Jr.


- Dana Stevens at Slate

- Slate Culture Gabfest

- Massacre Theatre winner: Sebastian Bonner

- The Film That Changed My Life: The Godfather

- Drive-In Double Feature Info

- "Shut Up Little Man!" / Facets

- Top 5 Losing My Mind Movies


- The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith- iTunes


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