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Friday, 28 October 2011 00:00

Red State

Kevin Smith has replaced Jay and Silent Bob with a conflicted ATF agent and a fire-and-brimstone preacher who murders fornicators... Adam and guest host Tasha Robinson (AV Club) discuss Smith's latest "Red State" and share their Top 5 Director Departures. Plus, some thoughts on "Blackthorn," the new film starring Sam Shepard as an aged Butch Cassidy, and Emilio Estevez's new film as writer/director "The Way."

Filmspotting #370

Filmspotting #370
:00-21:58 - Review: "Red State"
Music: JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart"
22:55-25:36 - Donations
25:58-33:11 - Massacre Theatre / Notes / Polls
33:12-37:54 - Review: "Blackthorn"
37:55-42:13 - Review: "The Way"
Music: JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, "Don't Lock The Door"
43:09-1:08:48 - Top 5: Departures
1:08:49-1:11:38 - Close


- Anthology films and World Series talk with Tessa Taruskin


- JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound


- Tasha Robinson

- Massacre Theatre winner: Connor McClenny

- Top 5 Director Departures

- OK, fine. "Shaft" (2000) isn't technically a remake. Whatever.

- Maybe the most interesting aspect of "Red State" I completely failed to explore during the review: The issue of responsibility. Touched in it a little with mention of the preacher not doing his own killing, but there's a lot of passing the buck, characters only acting once they've been given an order that somehow 'excuses' their culpability.


- The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith- iTunes


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