FS #372: Top 5 Anti-Romances / Like Crazy
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Friday, 11 November 2011 01:00

Like Crazy

Love stinks (love stinks), yeah, yeah. Alison Willmore joins Adam to share their favorite films where love does not conquer all, the Top 5 Anti-Romances. Plus, a discussion of the new (anti-)romantic drama "Like Crazy," and Listener Feedback on the best female gonzo characters.

Filmspotting #372

Filmspotting #372
:00-13:31 - Review: "Like Crazy"
Music: Tan Vampires, "I Found A Body"
14:36-18:01 - Donations
18:20-25:47 - Massacre Theatre / Notes / Polls
25:46-33:39 - Feedback: Female Gonzo Characters
Music: Tan Vampires, "Digital Rot"
34:23-1:02:19 - Top 5: Anti-Romances
1:02:20-1:05:24 - Close



- Best final lines, Criterion DVDs that need to happen


- Tan Vampires


- Alison Willmore on Twitter

- Massacre Theatre winner: Garen Gaston

- 75 Greatest Final Movie Lines

- We didn't 'forget' or 'overlook' "500 Days of Summer." Good movie. Just not one I thought was better than the 10 options I had narrowed it down to.

- I hope we don't get many emails protesting about 'spoilers'. I don't think we ruined any film we discussed, and on average our picks had to be at least a decade old.

- Top 5 Anti-Romances

- Discuss with Filmspotters at the Forum


- The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith- iTunes


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