FS #376: Top 5 Actor-Director Reunions / Shame / Tomas Alfredson
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Friday, 09 December 2011 00:00


Inspired by Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen ("Hunger") re-teaming for "Shame," Adam and guest Josh Larsen play big-time Hollywood casting directors to countdown the Top 5 Actor-Director Reunions they most want to see. Plus, director Tomas Alfredson ("Let The Right One In") discusses his new Cold War spy movie "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy."

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Filmspotting #376

Filmspotting #376
:00-23:00 - Review: "Shame"
Music: Pet Lions, "Slow Wave"
24:08-25:16 - Audible Recommendation(s)
25:35-34:14 - Massacre Theatre / Polls
34:15-45:57 - Interview: Tomas Alfredson
Music: Pet Lions, "Sleeping"
47:20-52:41 - Donations
52:55-1:17:33 - Top 5: Actor-Director Reunions
1:17:34-1:20:16 - Close


- Hugo, Redemption Movies Feedback


- Pet Lions


- Massacre Theatre winner: Emily Pugh

- LarsenOnFilm

- Josh Larsen's :"Shame" review

TCM/Eastman House info and lineup

- Tom Hardy/FLACK charity

- Top 5 Actor-Director Reunions

- One of my top 5 wishes has already been granted: Kurt Russell and Quentin Tarantino will re-team for "Django Unchained."

- I may have suggested "Bronson" was Winding Refn's first film; it was his first English-language film.

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