FS #392: Hunger Games / Top 5 Dystopias
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Friday, 30 March 2012 01:00

Hunger Games-Children of Men

And it was decreed that this week, Filmspotting would offer up a tribute of two critics between the ages of 35 and [indistinct mumbling] to be trained in the art of conversation, and be prepared to fight to the death about "The Hunger Games." Plus, Adam and Josh take on the thought police with their Top 5 Movie Dystopias.

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Filmspotting #392

Filmspotting #392
:00-22:34 - Review: "The Hunger Games"
Music: Ben Kweller, "Mean To Me"
24:05-26:55 - Audible Recommendations
27:18-31:47 - Massacre Theatre
31:48-36:50 - Polls / Notes
36:51-43:45 - "Pulp Fiction" Feedback
Music: Ben Kweller, "Jealous Girl"
44:54-47:15 - Donations
47:44-1:10:47 - Top 5: Dystopias
1:10:48-1:13:02 - Close


- None this week, sorry


- Ben Kweller


- Adam's Dystopia picks from episode #88 were: "Blade Runner," "A Clockwork Orange," "Escape From New York," "The Road Warrior" and "Alphaville." Honorable Mentions were: "Planet of the Apes," "The Terminator," "Dark City," "eXistenZ" and "Serenity."

"Glengarry Glen Ross" is so 'end of the '80s' it was made in 1992; the play is from 1984.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Vanessa Vinci


The Chemical Brothers: Don't Think

- Top 5 Dystopias

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