FS #394: Top 5 Up-and-Comers / Cabin in the Woods
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Friday, 20 April 2012 00:00

Cabin in the Woods-Brit Marling

Gaze into Filmspotting’s crystal ball as they reveal the stars of tomorrow! Josh and Adam reveal their Top 5 Up-and-Coming Actors and Actresses (Class of 2012), and discuss the new meta-horror flick "The Cabin in the Woods."

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Filmspotting #394

Filmspotting #394
00-16:18 - Review: "The Cabin in the Woods"
Music: Kishi Bashi, "Manchester"
17:19-21:23 - Audible Recommendations
21:42-26:44 - Massacre Theatre
26:45-32:46 - Polls / Notes
32:47-47:32 - Listener Feedback: "Hunger Games"
Music: Kishi Bashi, "Bright Whites"
48:33-54:33 - Donations
54:59-1:22:59 - Top 5: Up-and-Comers (Class of '12)
1:23:00-1:25:18 - Close


- Adam on 21 Jump Street and Lockout; Jeff, Who Lives at Home; Bikes Feedback


- Kishi Bashi

- Kishi Bashi live on "Afternoon Shift"


- Brit Marling only co-wrote "Another Earth" with Mike Cahill; she did not co-direct it.


Adam was referring to Greengrass and the Bourne Identity franchise, not the Doug Liman-directed first film.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Christopher Martin

- Audible recs: Sunset Park; The Art of Fielding: A Novel; Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal; Serena; Brave New World


ReelAbilities Chicago Disabilities Film Festival

- Filmspotting's Summer Docs Class

- Drive-in Double Feature

- "El Tecolote vs. The Body Thief Of Dimension X"

- Finnish film "Iron Sky"

- Top 5 Up-and-Coming Actors/Actresses

- Discuss with Filmspotters at the Forum


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