FS #399: Top 5 Haunted Past Movies / Bernie / A Moment of Innocence
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Friday, 25 May 2012 00:00


Forget about it, Filmspotters, it’s Chinatown... Thanks to years of joint therapy, Adam and Josh muster the strength to reveal their Top 5 Haunted Past Movies. Plus, a weekend with "Bernie," the latest film from Richard Linklater starring Jack Black, and the second entry in Filmspotting's Contemporary Iranian Cinema Marathon, "A Moment of Innocence."

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Filmspotting #399

Filmspotting #399
:00-20:11 - Review: "Bernie"
Music: "Red,"  Lost In The Trees
21:21-23:16 - Audible Recommendations
23:35-28:24 - Massacre Theatre
28:25-38:26 - Polls / Notes
34:16-50:15 - Marathon #2: "A Moment of Innocence"
Music: "Neither Here Nor There,"  Lost In The Trees
51:30-56:18 - Donations
56:40-1:18:19 - Top 5: Haunted Past Movies
1:18:20-1:21:21 - Close / Outtake


- Directors of the Future feedback


- Lost in the Trees


- How could you not have "Chinatown" in your Top 5? It's in the Pantheon.

- How could you not have "A History of Violence" in your Top 5, especially you, Adam? Had it in mind all week prepping for the show, somehow managed to overlook it. Totally changes my list.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Rich Zaremba

- Audible recs: "The Paris Wife"; "The Hobbit"


- Top 5 Haunted Past Movies

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