#400 Live: Prometheus / Top 5 Things We Learned From The Movies
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Friday, 08 June 2012 10:00

Filmspotting #400

Live from Lincoln Hall, this is Filmspotting's 400th episode! Special guests Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) and Dana Stevens (Slate.com) join Adam and Josh for their most introspective top 5 list yet. Plus, reviews of "Prometheus" and "Moonrise Kingdom."

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Filmspotting #400

Filmspotting #400
:00-25:11 - Review: Prometheus w/ Michael Phillips
Music: "Predictable Kind of Thoughts," The Pear Traps
26:27-27:09 - Audible
27:30-34:35 - Massacre Theatre
34:35-40:09 - Poll Questions
34:16-1:00:40 - Review: "Moonrise Kingdom" w/ Dana Stevens
Music: "Honestly," The Pear Traps
1:02:06-1:29:16 - Top 5: Things We Learned From The Movies (Part 1)
1:30:23-1:50:47 - Top 5: Things We Learned From The Movies (Part 2)
1:50:48-1:56:19 - Close


- Nothing this week, sorry


- The Pear Traps


- Michael Phillips

- Dana Stevens

- "What Not To Name Your Spaceship"

- Massacre Theatre winner: Adam Simmons

- Adam feels horrible he couldn't quite make out the name of the Massacre Theatre volunteer. Great work, Anand!

- Yes, Dana meant The Darjeeling 'Limited' not Express.

- Lomography LomoKino camera

- Michael's scene from "City Lights"


- Top 5 Things We Learned From The Movies

- Filmspotting's Summer Docs Class


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