#411: Fall Movie Preview / Cosmopolis / Mike Birbiglia / Craig Zobel
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Friday, 31 August 2012 00:00

Cosmopolis/The Master

Does this podcast sound asymmetrical to you? Adam and Josh stop their limo ride through downtown Chicago long enough to commend David Cronenberg's bizarre "Cosmopolis" and reveal their Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall Movies. Plus, interviews with two filmmakers - Mike Birbiglia ("Sleepwalk With Me") and Craig Zobel ("Compliance").

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Filmspotting #411

Filmspotting #411
:00-2:12 - Intro, Promos
2:13-30:59 - Interview: Mike Birbiglia ("Sleepwalk With Me")
Music: Reubens Accomplice, "Field Science"
32:35-34:55 - Audible
35:07-42:39 - Massacre Theatre / Poll
42:40-1:00:02 - Review: "Cosmopolis"
Music: Reubens Accomplice, "I Love You, But I'm Tired"
1:01:21-1:10:10 - Donations
1:10:24-1:19:18 - Interview Excerpt: Craig Zobel ("Compliance")
1:19:19-1:42:31 - Top 5: Most Anticipated Fall Movies
1:42:32-1:44:20 - Close


- Spies, Tony Scott


- Reubens Accomplice


- The Birbiglia interview that airs in the podcast *is* the full conversation, same as in extra download.

- Chicago's Just For Laughs festival was actually in June.

- Birbiglia appears on Ep. 2 of "Girls" called "Vagina Panic"

- Technically, Hall wasn't so much Diane Keaton's maiden name as it was her birth name. 

- Slight Spoiler Alert if you're really sensitive... around 54:00 minute mark of "Cosmopolis" review.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Dan Muse

- Audible recs: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: 50th Anniversary Edition, Bridge to Terabithia, Winter Journal


- Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall 2012 Movies

- In Movies With Nudity, What's the Line Between Ogling and Art?

- Smearing the Senses: Tony Scott, Action Painter


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