#424: Killing Them Softly / Top 5 Inept Criminals
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Friday, 07 December 2012 00:00

Killing Them Softly-Fargo

Like Nic Cage in "Raising Arizona," last night Josh had a dream... a dream he and Adam were going to discuss the H.I. McDonnough Memorial List of the Top 5 Inept Movie Criminals, inspired by the new Brad Pitt crime drama "Killing Them Softly." Plus, cut school and cue up the Motown for the 5th Blaxploitation Marathon film, "Cooley High."

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Filmspotting #424

Filmspotting #424
:00-2:35 - Billboard / MoviePass
2:36-22:30 - Review: "Killing Them Softly"
Music: Alabama Shakes, "Hold On"
23:51-26:34 - Sponsor: Audible
26:56-31:01 - Massacre Theatre
31:02-39:31 - Polls / Notes
39:32-57:00 - Blaxploitation #5: "Cooley High"
Music: Alabama Shakes, "I Ain't The Same"
58:16-1:04:23 - Donations
1:04:24-1:28:19 - Top 5: Inept Criminals
1:28:20-1:30:47 - Close


- Nothing this week, sorry!


- Alabama Shakes


- Massacre Theatre winner: Clint Bowie

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