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Friday, 19 July 2013 00:00

Only God Forgives - Leviathan

Matt Singer and Alison Willmore fill in and invite 10 filmmakers to make their own short movies about each one of their Top 5 Anthology Films (available online). Plus, a discussion of the horror anthology "The ABCs of Death," and a trip to Bangkok to review "Only God Forgives," starring Ryan Gosling.

This episode is presented by Shutterstock (code FILM7).

Filmspotting #452

Filmspotting #452

:00-1:19 - Billboard
1:20-19:12 - Review: "Only God Forgives"
Music: Cliff Martinez, "Only God Forgives" Soundtrack
20:29-22:08 - Shutterstock
22:23-36:40 - Review: "The ABCs of Death"
36:41-39:27 - Listener's Choice Options
Music: Cliff Martinez, "Only God Forgives" Soundtrack
40:43-1:08:05 - Top 5 Anthology Movies (Available Online)
1:08:06-1:10:46 - Close


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- Cliff Martinez, composer of the "Only God Forgives" Soundtrack


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