#433: Top 5 Romantic Gestures / Side Effects
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Friday, 15 February 2013 00:00

Side Effects-Say Anything

Cue up "In Your Eyes"... in honor of Valentine's Day, it's Filmspotting's Lloyd Dobler Memorial List of the screen's Top 5 Romantic Gestures. Plus, what may be Steven Soderbergh's final cinematic gesture -- "Side Effects," starring Rooney Mara and Jude Law -- and the third Marx Bros. Marathon movie, "Duck Soup"... "The light, the heat..."

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Filmspotting #433

Filmspotting #433
:00-3:34 - Billboard / Squarespace
3:35-23:36 - Review: "Side Effects"
Music: Louis Armstrong, "A Kiss to Build a Dream On"
25:08-26:33 - Sponsor: Shutterstock
26:34-34:00 - Massacre Theatre
34:01-42:29 - Polls / Notes
42:30-57:19 - Marx Bros. #3: "Duck Soup"
Music: Princess Bride, "Storybook Love"
58:42-1:04:53 - Donations
1:04:49-1:32:30 - Top 5: Romantic Gestures
1:32:21-1:35:14 - Close


- Nostalgia, humor and Haynes


- In classic show fashion we gave director Soderbergh all the credit/blame for "Side Effects"; no mention of writer Scott Z. Burns.

- Didn't come up because difficult to articulate without spoilers, but one "Side Effects" complaint for Adam: Catherina Zeta Jones' performance.

- Massacre Theatre winner: Matt Sabonis


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