#487: Only Lovers Left Alive / Top 5 Things From Space
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Friday, 25 April 2014 00:00

Only Lovers Left Alive - The Thing

Filmspotting comes in peace, even if its Top 5 list does not. Your hosts consider their favorite cinematic Things From Space (That Came To Destroy Us). Plus, a review of Jim Jarmusch's latest starring Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as a centuries-old vampire couple, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, and Josh's thoughts on UNDER THE SKIN.

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Filmspotting #487

Filmspotting #487

0:00-1:42 - Billboard / Shutterstock
1:42-30:41 - Review: "Only Lovers Left Alive"
Music: EMA, "So Blonde"
27:50-30:16 - Shutterstock
30:16-40:43 - Massacre Theatre / Chicago Critics Film Festival
40:43-47:48 - “Under the Skin”
Music: EMA, "When She Comes"
47:48-52:03 - Donations
52:03-1:24:23 - Top 5: Things From Space
1:24:23-1:27:00 - Close


- Nothing this week, sorry




- Massacre Theatre winner: Scott Salvotti, Antioch, CA


- Josh's review of "Only Lovers Left Alive"

- Chicago Critics Film Festival

- Josh's review of "Under the Skin"

- New Cult Canon: They Live

- Top 5 Things From Space (That Came to Destroy Us)


- Backstory


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