#504: Fall Preview / One I Love / Dan Schechter
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Friday, 05 September 2014 00:00

One I Love/Skeleton Twins

Time hurries on, and the leaves that are green turn to brown... Josh and Adam preview the fall movie season and offer an end-of-summer review roundup sparked by a clash over THE ONE I LOVE, starring Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss. Other movies covered include: THE CONGRESS, THE TRIP TO ITALY, THE DOG and THE ZERO THEOREM. Plus, an interview with Daniel Schechter, writer/director of the new Elmore Leonard adaptation LIFE OF CRIME.

Filmspotting #504

Filmspotting #504

0:00-2:06 - Billboard / Donations
2:06-21:29 - Review: "The One I Love"
21:29-27:02 - Larsen Recommends: "The Zero Theorem," "The Congress"
27:02-35:55 - Kempenaar Recommends: "Trip to Italy," "The Dog"
Music: Jenny Lewis, "Just One of the Guys"
36:54-48:19 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
48:19-1:10:26 - Interview: Dan Schechter
Music: Bob Mould, "The War"
1:11:27-1:12:10 - Filmspotting: SVU Promo
1:12:10-1:40:42 - Fall Movie Preview
1:40:42-1:44:05 - Close / Outtake


- The One I Love Spoiled


- Bob Mould / Jenny Lewis


- MT winner: Bill Hutchison, Lansdale, PA


- Josh's review of The One I Love

- Josh's review of The Zero Theorem

- Josh's review of The Congress

- "Art of Empathy" Workshop

- Anatomy of a Scene: Life of Crime

- Schechter's "Supporting Characters"


- Backstory


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