#524: Jupiter Ascending / Top 5 Rescue Scenes
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Friday, 06 February 2015 00:00

Jupiter Ascending/Our Hospitality

Holed up in the Canadian Ambassador's residence waiting for Ben Affleck to save them, Josh and Adam share their Top 5 Rescue Scenes. Plus, a review of the Wachowski's latest sci-fi extravaganza (slash absurd future camp classic?) JUPITER ASCENDING, Josh's report from his trip to the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and Adam recommends THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY.

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Filmspotting #524

Filmspotting #524

:00-3:36 - Sponsors / Billboard
3:36-30:52 - Review: "Jupiter Ascending"
Music: alt-J, "Left Hand Free"
32:12-34:01 - Harry's
34:01-46:19 - Notes / Massacre Theatre
46:19-59:00 - JL Sundance Recap / AK Recommends: "The Duke of Burgundy"
Music: alt-J, "Every Other Freckle"
1:00:23-1:04:01 - Donations / SVU Promo
1:04:01-1:35:06 - Top 5: Rescue Scenes
1:235:06-1:38:42 - Close / Outtake


- Nothing this week, sorry


- alt-J


- Massacre Theatre winner: Jeff Haynes, Spencerport, NY


- Josh's review of "Jupiter Ascending"

- Josh's 2015 Sundance ranked

- Carol's "The Beer Clinic" at Your Beer Network

- Michael Sheen's infamous laugh (not scream)


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