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Friday, 03 April 2015 00:00

It Follows / ...

Coming to you from an old, abandoned orphanage... Adam and guest host Michael Phillips discuss IT FOLLOWS, the new indie horror movie that has garnered a lot of buzz for its handling of familiar material – sex, teens and a supernatural killer. Plus, the Top 5 21st Century Horror Movies and a conversation with pop culture writer Mark Harris about 'what scares us now'.

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Filmspotting #532

Filmspotting #532

:00-3:03 - Billboard / Sponsors
3:03-28:26 - Review: "It Follows"
Music: Laura Marling, "Howl"
29:40-31:47 - Audible
31:47-47:41 - Notes / Filmspotting Madness
47:41-59:42 - Interview: Mark Harris
Music: Laura Marling, "False Hope"
1:00:33-1:01:28 - SVU Promo
1:01:28-1:44:23 - Top 5: 21st Century Horror Movies
1:44:23-1:47:32 - Close


- Michael's Madness bracket (Check back)


- Laura Marling


- Audible recs: Silver Screen Fiend, Girl in a Band, Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War

- BACKCOUNTRY is available across VOD platforms.


- Michael Phillips

- Mark Harris

- "Scared Senseless: The Indie Horror Boom and What Frightens Us Now"

- Playlist: Best Horror Films of 21st Century

- Criticwire Survey: Best Horror Film Since 2000


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