#569: 2015 Wrap Party Live From Mayne Stage
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Friday, 15 January 2016 00:00

2015 Wrap Party Live

Live from Mayne Stage in Chicago, it's Filmspotting’s 2015 Wrap Party presented by WBEZ! Adam, Josh and an All-Star roster of special guests share their favorite moments from the year in film. Plus, an epic musical edition of Massacre Theatre, improvised songs by Abraham Levitan and the announcement of the 2015 Golden Brick Winner.

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Filmspotting #569

Filmspotting #569 (Click here or the podcast icon to listen)

 0:00-2:14 - Billboard / Sponsors
2:14-25:13 - Opening Scenes / Moving Moments
25:13-48:14 - Massacre Theater / Funniest Moments
Act I Musical Recap
49:52-52:51 - Sponsors / SVU Promo
52:51-1:22:00 - Musical Moments / Action Scenes
1:22:00-1:32:48 - 2015 Golden Brick Award
1:32:48-1:50:55 - Scenes of the Year
Act II Musical Recap
1:52:51-1:56:13 - Close


- Abraham Levitan


- Massacre Theatre winner: Chris Birkhimer, San Marcos, TX


- Host and guest choices

- Buzzfeed article, "Inside The Most OMG Scene In “Creed”


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